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 Children´s Books

 includes get rich quick, esoteric problem solving and how to sell portraits of Bush to bin and his ladens. Here in Two we also have Science Fiction, True Crime, Poetry and Literature, books around South-East Asia, India, Africa and Latin America. And a sprinkling of art.
And the widest selection of Children’s books you can imagine, plus story/fairytale tapes and books.

 British Foods

dedicated to food products from the UK. You name it we have got it or will get it for you. My regular buying trips to the Costa Del Slough make sure that we always have fresh books and foods.


We are the experts for ginger wine,biscuits and jams and marmalades.

Fudges and short-bread. And all around mint. Mint cream and toffees







Black Pudding




Scotch Eggs







Shephards Pie

Fray Bentos Pies



PG  bags Indian Sauces from
Garlic sauce Ginger sauce
Chili sauce
West Indian Sauces
Cornish Pasties Veg sausages
Haggis Weight Watcher Products
Sausage Rolls
Smoked Kippers
Quorn soya meat substitue