Our Wellness Products

At EB BodyPoint
We offer Foot and Hand as well as foot massage and the use of the Chi-machine, and our hand massage gadgets.
We stock Aloe Vera juices at 16,50 a litre or 90 euro for 6 litres
Hand and body creams from 4,50 and 100% Aloe Vera jelly from 6 euro for 100g from our tub to 12,50 for a tube with 180g and lots of special offers in between
We also sell Propolis that magic lotion from the bees. This is another all purpose natural little helper, ideal for the immune system and against bacterial caused ailments.

New. Ginger Wine From Gransteads. Non alcoholic and great hot or cold and in sauces

Noni juice and saft now available €20

it contains

Nähr- und Vitalstoffe im Noni-Fruchtsaft

Noni-Saft ist besonders reich an sogenannten sekundären Pflanzenstoffen, und zwar an Flavonoiden, Beta-Sitosterol, Terpenen, Scopoletin, Anthrachinonen, Damnacanthal, Alkaloiden, Enzymen, Fettsäuren, Aminosäuren, Vitamine und Mineralien. Im Einzelnen handelt es sich um: Xeronin, Proxeronin, Proxeronase, Serotonin, Damnacanthal, Nordamnacanthal, Anthraquinone, Caratenoide, Morindin, Terpene, Pflanzen-Sterole (Phytohormone), Sitosterol, Glvcoside, Alizarin, Ursolsäure, Glucopyranose PA, Serotonin-Vorstufen, Spurenelemente, Enzyme vieler Art, Rezeptor-Aktivatoren, Methionin, Isoleucin, Lysin, Phenylalanin, Threonin, Valin, Histidin, Scopoletin, Morindadiol, Rubiadin, Magnesium, Carbonate, Protein, Natrium, Bioflavonoide, Morindon, Soranjidiol, Eisen, Phosphate, Rubiadin MME, Acetin GlucoP, MM-MA-R GlucoP, Caprylsäure, Asperuloside, Vitamine, Alkaloide, Coenzyme, Chlororubin, Alanin, Arginin, Aspartat, Cystein, Cystin, Glycin, Glutamat, Tyrosin, Prolin, Serin (Dr. med. Dr. phil. Neil Solomon).


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