Shop two

Unit Two includes get rich quick, esoteric problem solving and how to sell portraits of Bush to bin and his ladens.

Here in Two we also have Science Fiction, True Crime, Poetry and Literature,
books around South-East Asia, India, Africa and Latin America.
And a sprinkling of art.

And the widest selection of Children’s books you can imagine,
plus story/fairytale tapes and books.



A link to British History


Two sites for kids songs


and one for crosswords

and for learning materials

Greece and Rome are also here next to the 20 Philosophy books
at the back next to the cook books in the toilet opposite the plays which no one reads.
Learning English and easy readers are also here.

Try these links:>

More kids songs


A selection of our teaching aids. Wall-charts and playing cards from trees to fruits, historic buildings to dogs

Plus our Union Jack items for motivation


It is worth coming to the Arcade just for the ideas.