... for old books: we try and keep
even the oldest book, many for over 10 years.


This is one of the things many customers are interested in.
The fact that we, unlike commercially orientated bookshops,
have not thrown the book away, but have kept it for them.


However, keeping things costs money and this is reflected in the price. Three elements: the book,the labour,the storage, these elements make the price. All the other things like, cost of getting the book, advertising and opportunity cost are paid for out of idealism, or some people might say laziness or stupitity.

My aim is to keep the shop running and provide a service not just for readers as every week at least one person asks me for help with a problem. The shop is a meeting point and this help is given free, you can help just by buying a few books a year or any other of our products from the United Kingdom. Remember my data base is extremely deep and one day this could help you or someone you know. So every little helps.

British Foods Hamburg

We Deliver!!!

 This trolley comes from an East Berlin factory.

Now being used by me, Robert berridge to sell our farmers markets products.

Ginger and Chutney

Fresh sausages to order



040 8514478 or Email: löschen löschen löschen

Robert Berridge


22769 Hamburg


You don´t need to try too hard to immerse yourself in English here in Hamburg. Any learner who claims it is difficult to hear, see or speak English in Hamburg has an intelligence problem and not an opportunity problem.

As most have computers, change your homepage to and listen to the news and listen to the Archers. You can even see video clips of the latest soaps. Or go to their education pages for English Language learners.

For reading material come to me and pick up a book for a mere 2 euros or less for the books outside.

Or buy an audio book or a fairy tale with a book to get a hang of the pronounciation.

Next, luchtime at one of the Irish pubs to enjoy direct contact with a few native speakers.

There are enough video shops hiring out English films, so the afternoon is saved or go to the Uni and pretend you are from Russia and not too good with English, with a little effort you should get a couple of hours free, one to one tuition.

As the evening draws in check out my diary page to see what`s on in English. Or.One of the few good things the consulate does for the lower classes is to provide a list of UK related clubs.

Or naturally look at my links page





or on the web again and check your cooking skills with this site


Another source of Info is the Phil Tower at the Uni. On the first floor is the English department and on the second floor the American.

Scan very slowly the notice boards and you come across some useful contacts and events.

Forget not the Hamburg players, who are always looking for volunteers and the Rover Rep Theatre.>


A great site for learners and expats alike. The producer spends a lot of time on the site. Congratulations.